Structured cable

Scope of application of cables:

Data Cable

Single mode and multimode fiber optic cables and cable

The Demand for energy, network,generator and cables

Telephone Cables

Smoke detectors, warning and extinguishing cable systems

Input Validation, security, and system cables CCTV

Application of the channels of the cables high and
low naprzheniya

System solutions for room

Information Center Solution

Isolation facilities

Special fire protection systems Fm200 or Novec 1230

Conditioner for Sensitive Information centres

Raised floor & data cabling

Non-static epoxy paint & bases

Environmental Control & testing of the system

Fire alarm system Fire Stop

Input management System

Rack Cabinets

Sets the earthquake

Static switch & power control & distribution

Data Cable

Infrastructure commutator

Local area network(LAN)

Connects computers with each other in the same area or the same building provides shared usage and data sharing within the network.

Wide area network(WAN)

WAN computer network, which was formed by local area network (LAN) to connect various graphic fields

Virtual network & online services

Solutions that ensure reliable, economic & efficient access provider, the primary provider, the liberator and representative organisations that they must ensure communication in addition to the main office and branches of the company

The MPLS-VPN(the virtual network) Service VPDN Services Dienstleistungen Virtual ISP(VISP) M