Digital Signage

Replace your posters and signboards with a much more effective means of communication

The consumers you used to try to reach with printed materials like brochures, booklets, posters and signboards have come a long way. Now to reach the younger generation, with its love of technology, you must use modern techniques based on visual communications. Your target audience is closer to you then ever with Kazbim Digital Signage’s Digital Signage solutions, which combines LCD and LED screen technologies with cutting-edge software and hardware products.

Your messages are presented digitally to your target audience anytime you wish. Kazbim Digital Signage’s Digital Signage applications have a greater impact on your customers’ or your own personnel. Its solutions also help to develop content and manage your entire relationship with your target group by successfully replacing inefficient printed communication.

Digital Signage solutions use a centralised structure to transmit messages to their target audience and include systems that manage the displays and their content. This can be used in communications with consumers or with internal personnel by successfully spreading content for different purposes such as advertising, entertainment or information. Kazbim Digital Signage offers an end-to-end solution which turns Digital Signage systems into solutions to match the exact needs of the clients and includes system installation, content provisioning, display management and technical support

Digital Signage solutions minimises the time wasted by visitors in places including banks, hospitals, intercity coach stations, airports, etc. 

Informative communication

Digital Signage solutions can also be used for other purposes in locations such as shops, shopping centers, supermarkets and car parks.

Advertising and marketing

Digital Signage systems established to provide public information can also be used as advertising space, creating

Digital Signage solutions can bring the perfect support for supermarkets or shops that wish to attract customers with frequent campaigns offering daily or hourly discounts, in which time is of the essence. 


These solutions are highly suited to all kinds of waiting rooms and children’s areas and can bring entertainment to otherwise boring waits.

Internal communication

Digital Signage systems can do more than act as the face of the company to outside customers. Kazbim Digital Signage’s solutions can also enhance a company’s communication with its own personnel. For instance, having received messages from headquarters multiple stores can simultaneously begin or end special promotions such as discounts, campaigns, coupons, gifts, etc. 

The most effective way to reach your target audience

Mass media tools have been evolving all over the world. Even TV, which has been in our lives for more than half a century, is now being used for different purposes. Companies that realise the limitations and disadvantages of printed content and switch to modern digital display systems can reach their target audience more effectively, thus moving themselves one step ahead.

  Digital Signage solutions use a centralised structure to transmit messages to their target audience and include systems that manage the displays and their content. This can be used in communications with consumers or with internal personnel by successfully spreading content for different purposes such as advertising, entertainment or information.

  Kazbim Digital Signage offers an end-to-end solution which turns Digital Signage systems into solutions to match the exact needs of the clients and includes system installation, content provisioning, display management and technical support.


Using Kazbim Digital Signage’s Digital Signage solutions, organisations can distribute the same content to multiple branches, shops or distributors in different locations. For instance a clothing retailer can deliver sales campaign information to its customers at multiple stores all at once. In addition, as TV commercials shown on national TV channels  can also be played on screens in all the stores, Digital Signage expands the reach of advertising campaigns. Screens using the latest technologies also contribute to brand reputation.

• Customised hardware solutions

• Digital Signage suite software

• Kazbim content management software

• Remote monitoring and management

• Infrastructure services

• Content creation and management services

• Updating, maintenance and technical training



Kazbim Digital Signage’s focus on customer needs makes its Digital Signage solutions perfectly suited to any organisation that has a message to deliver. Content is developed by professional teams, infrastructure is installed by experienced Kazbim Digital Signage engineers, and cutting edge panels are used to deliver your message in the most effective way possible.

Effective solutions provider

Kazbim Digital Signage’s control over the entire software and hardware infrastructure makes its Digital Signage systems a solution suited to the different needs of any kind of organisation. Kazbim’s systems use the same LCD and LED technologies that we see in our TVs or computer monitors but are more than simply screens installed at different locations: behind them lies highly advanced software and hardware infrastructure.

Server-based endpoint solution

As Kazbim’s Digital Signage solution is IP-based the content management can be structured to include any endpoints, such as shops, restaurants, bank branches, distributors. etc. As long as they can be reached on the Internet, content can be displayed irrespective of distance. The content management software is run on a server and all components are connected to it through a network.

Cutting-edge displays

In addition to the widely prevalent LCD and plasma technologies, more recently LED technology has been drawing interest due to its energy efficiency. These technologies are all heavily used in Kazbim’s Digital Signage solutions. According to each customer’s needs Kazbim can also include other display methods such as projectors or video walls in its solutions. In addition to structuring the network and transmitting content to the displays, Kazbim Digital Signage also offers a variety of methods for the management of the system. A centralised control can switch the displays on and off from a distance, as well as adjusting the audio, color and brightness, bringing a higher level of efficiency and considerable energy savings.


The most important aspect of any Digital Signage system is the very reason why it is used in the first place: the content. To bring effective returns good content needs to be managed professionally. The solution offered by Kazbim uses the world’s leading content management software, Kazbim. All content, including videos, images and text is first adapted to the size and resolution of the screens and displayed following a specific plan.

The software package, which manages the displays and content, includes a server-side content management system as well as media software installed on the computers held at different working locations. The software package is used to design templates and to control how and when content is displayed on the screens. In addition, it can not only broadcast content retrieved from different sources but also makes it possible to customise content for specific offices, restaurants or shops at different locations. For example, should you wish to announce a promotional campaign in only three of your six stores, Kazbim’s content management service would be able to display the new content for those stores while displaying different information in the stores which are not involved in the campaign. This helps you to manage your digital platforms in an extremely effective way.


Everywhere with an internet connection is within your reach

No matter the distance between the locations you want to reach. Kazbim Digital Signage’s IP based Digital Signage solution can access anywhere with an internet connection. Your messages are transmitted to every point instantly while visual content makes you more attractive to your target audience.

Customised content for multiple locations

Stores, restaurants, hospitals or bank branches, no matter where they are... Rather than offering standardised content, Digital Signage solutions make it possible for you to customise content for a single or group of locations. And as a bonus, you don’t even need to plan in advance.

Works inside and out

Kazbim’s experience with kiosk solutions is also a great advantage in the world of Digital Signage. Thanks to cabins designed for difficult outdoor conditions, including sunlight, cold and humidity, the environmental challenges previously faced by your locations are now history.

Zoom in on your audience with themed panels

Kazbim Digital Signage’s Digital Signage solution can be structured in a way that would enhance the atmosphere of your shops, restaurants and other locations. For example, an animated menu at a children’s restaurant can be brightened up using screens dressed as cartoon characters.

All the best components together in one solution

As with its other products, Kazbim prioritises quality in its ready to go Digital Signage solution. For its content management software it uses the leading world brand, Kazbim, which it complements with high-end hardware units and infrastructure products.

Energy efficiency through central management

As Kazbim’s Digital Signage solution can be managed by a centralised control unit, screen brightness and audio settings can be managed from a single point, while timer settings can turn units on and off automatically.


Traditional methods are a thing of the past.

In response to the variety of needs that emerge from different working cultures, Kazbim Digital Signage is turning its Digital Signage systems into complete location and position free solutions. When combined with Kazbim’s content management system, these signage solutions become a channel for non-stop communication. Any organisation that wants to reach their customers in the most effective way possible are now offered a contemporary, visual and flexible communication structure that is always open to new developments. Kazbim’s digital solution saves you from the stationery, print and blueprint costs associated with methods that fail to deliver your messages quickly, accurately or effectively in the first place. Kazbim’s solutions replace these traditional methods with more modern visual communication. They improve your brand’s value and reputation in the eyes of your customers and bring them closer to your products and services, giving your message greater impact.


The hosted Digital Signage system provides a full-function Digital Signage solution presented via Kazbim Digital Signage’s servers. Contents used for advertising or internal communication purposes can be displayed on single screens or multiple locations using Internet-connected Media Player PCs. The Hosted Digital Signage structure manages all the functions of the Digital Signage platform and also provides content management services, offering great flexibility and cost advantages to institutions. The structure does not require any investments into central server hardware or software platforms and can be implemented with monthly payment plans. 

The Hosted Digital Signage system also offers remote monitoring and reporting services. This is an ideal alternative not only for large-scale projects with multiple endpoints but also for small-scale projects. Organisations can choose to invest only in a Media Player PC and screens or use their existing products in conjunction with Kazbim Digital Signage’s reliable server services.